boyfriend got a new job, I’m afraid he will forget about me?

So. He is 25 and I am 21. I am currently still in school and will be graduating in the spring of this coming school year. My boyfriend just graduated and now has a career job. I’m afraid he will forget about me, or lose interest in me because I’m still in college and don’t have a real job yet. I’m nervous he will meet another woman there and take an interest in her, and consider dating her since she’ll be more at his level than me.

Whenever he talks about his day at work, I find myself getting insecure/paranoid that he was with a woman having lunch, or getting to know her. He works pretty closely with a team, and I’m sure there are women on it. He’s mentioned a few girls he’s met, like the new intern and it just makes me worry so much. He’s told me “I see how much you trust me, and I know it’s hard for you because of your past. I don’t ever want to ruin that for you”. But, he said this before his job. I don't know if he still means it.

I don’t want to bring this up to him. He sees me as a woman who knows her worth and value, and won’t settle for less. I don’t get insecure or jealous with him. But, I am just so worried and afraid.
boyfriend got a new job, I’m afraid he will forget about me?
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