Should I make my ex jealous? If I should can someone help with my best friend’s idea for it? Read more below?

So long story short, boyfriend and I knew each other for 2 years, dated me for 6 months, and broke up with me three weeks ago. He first messaged me out of the blue that he was dying of cancer, and he dumped me and blocked all communication from me and I had no closure. he then messaged me a week later saying he was sorry and confessed he lied and I got sad because my older sister committed suicide a few months ago. So I felt it’s as if my ex was mocking my family in a way. So my friend found out from social media that his status is taken just only a couple days of breaking up with me so I asked him why did he dump me and do all this and he said he is being blackmailed to marry the girl she’s dating now and if he doesn’t then she’ll ruin his life, So before I didn’t believe him, I told him to call the police it’s just wrong for this to happen since he told me he doesn’t want to marry her and I even said that if he’s unable to that I’ll have my friend call the police and he messaged me right away “mind your own damn business (my name!)” as if he loves her and wants to protect her.

So I didn’t believe him about the blackmail thing so I asked my best friend what she thinks is going on and she said she thinks that my ex cheated on me with another girl and had sex with her and got her pregnant. I was just amazed and a little glad That the relationship was too early for sex, I told him that sex wouldn’t matter to me, he told me he practices abstinence (well not now obviously) so he acted like he didn’t have a problem with me. I told him that I practice abstinence.

About a week later I messaged him that I feel like we should have some closure and I apologized for saying that my friend would call the cops on his close girlfriend, but he just left me on read and didn’t message a thing. Not apologizing, so he’s still leaving me with little closure and it hurts

So my friend told me that I should just give him “A taste of his own medicine” and make him jealous for the purpose
1 y
of letting him know what he threw away. She told me that I could get a fake number and say something as the dude. But one, I don’t know if I should do it or not, and two I don’t know what alias to use just so it isn’t obvious. I’m not the vengeful type, but my family means everything to me so him telling all those bad lies and cheating and especially not giving me closure just pushed me over the edge. Could someone help with my idea? Or should I not do it? I’m not sure. I appreciate all help.
1 y
Also I am only less than a month older than him
Should I make my ex jealous? If I should can someone help with my best friend’s idea for it? Read more below?
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