Help , im stuck?

I have a big secrets and have never told anyone before , only because im afraid to , im afraid people will hate me and blame me for his happening like i caused it. Its very bad and i feel dirty everyday and moved with my grandmother to stop it. I still feel like i want to end the guilt and burden and my life to be free. I look into the mirror and see a slut and a pig who let it happen to herself.
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I was raped by my dad a couple times until i movef with my grandmother and i think im ready to tell someone but don't know who tell since be didn't hsve sex with me but did touch me and finger , i don't know


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  • "Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth. " - Buddha. The truth usually surfaces eventually. It's better for you to control how it comes out. If you want to reveal it then you should before someone else does it for you. Those who would hate you already do, they just don't know it yet. You're not preventing their hate, you're only hiding from it.

    • Well only 2 people know me and the other person and the other person wouldn't say anything if they don't want to go to jail

    • In cases where prison is a possibility, ignore Buddha. Snitches get stitches.

    • But more seriously, harsh truths will eat away at you. If someone his to jail for something they did to you then that's s good thing

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  • Since we don't know anything. Do you have your person of trust to tell everything cuz if you are scared you are not seeing clearly. Grandma?
    Talk to therapist and person of trust and decide next step after seeing bigger picture.
    You should not feel like that. Everything is gonna be okay. It is not your fault. If someone did something to you, you are not alone. There is law, there is police, therapy help, others in same situation etc.


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  • You should strongly consider going to a therapist so you can talk it out and hopefully get a productive path forward. She/he will not "hate" or "blame" you.

    Everyone needs help sometimes. Don't do it alone.

  • Hopefully you can find someone to talk to about this, and just let it play out in some crazy sexual fetish, and not let it ruin your life

  • Probably so but I don't know nothing that you done yet

    • Well if you're in the USA that has nose statue of limitations on child molestation it's according to what age you was when it happened

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    • Why...

    • That's the way life is she is not going to believe you her husband would not do that

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