I've been talking to my sister's ex girlfriend...

And I think she's into me. She texts me every single day to talk and every night to tell me goodnight, she calls me love and beautiful, she's always asking me to come over (she lives an hour away), to hang out. I've slowly fallen for her but I'm not positive that she feels the same. So my question is pretty much whether you guys think she's into me.

...And I know it sounds awful, but my sister has been in and out of prison for the last five years. Her and this girl have been broken up since she last went back to prison a year and a half ago. My sister treated this girl like sh*t, she was horrible to her and still is. I honestly think my sister is a sociopath, she has absolutely no feelings for other people, myself and the rest of my family included.


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  • I think you should keep your distance since she is your sisters ex


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