Are there any married men who never cheated on their wives?

are there any married men who have lived with their wives for more than 10,20,30 etc... years together and NEVER EVER cheated?

i need to know the truth, my dad cheated on my mom with her friend, after 20 years of marriage.

Are there marriages without cheating?


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  • My mum and dad were together for nearly twenty years but are now separated. He didn't cheat from what I can see.


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  • first f all I would like to offer my sincerest apologies about what your father did to your mother. very heart breaking.

    i have two family friends who have been married for 56 years and never even checked out another. the man recently passed away and the woman is absolutely heart broken. they were the perfect couple. another family friends couple (my namesake also) live in new orleans and have been together for about 35 years and are perfect with each other and couldn't picture being with anyone else and no slip ups. my parents were together for 20 years til they had a mutual decision about divorce. sometimes it works out, other times for some reason, whether its good or bad , don't . sorry again. but there is hope

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