How do I get my boyfriend back. i’m so depressed?

So boyfriend left me and i don’t know what to. I’m 22 in college and he is 28 and we met on tinder. He is an ex felon with 4 kids by four different women that he had serious relationships with. He was staying with me in my dorm at school and now he got a room for 500 in chicago since i’m hoke for the summer and i stay with him for now (he makes me pay half the rent too) he broke up with me a few other times because i’m insecure, and complain a lot. I never break up with him and i’m hurt because i feel as though i was a great girlfriend. I let him do uber eats and grubhub in my name because he is an ex felon and he can't. He owes 3,000 to get his liscense back and i have been giving him 300 dollars every two weeks (and i only make 600 every two weeks) to put up towards his liscense. I owe my mom 500 to pay towards the rest of my college education but i haven't paid her because my boyfriend said my mom shouldn't be taking from me because i dont have my own car or anything yet. She should only take from me once i have my career after college. He days she shouldn't take away crom what me and him are trying to build. He says we are a team and it’s our money and if i want my own money then i can be single and he is trying to build i life with me. He use to work at la fitness and a bouncer at a club when we met but he quit a month ago to do grub hub and uber eats on a bike (in my name) because he says the club and gym was innapropriate jobs to have since he is with me because women talk to him constantly. He spent 2,000 on ubers when we first met to come all the way to elmhurst to see me when i was in college for the first couple of months because he said he wanted us to have a close bond. He always speaks positivity and he is a good looking man and doesn’t cheat on me. It’s hard to find all those three qualities in a man and i’m so depressed. I don’t wanna live anymore
How do I get my boyfriend back. i’m so depressed?
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