My ex won’t talk to me?

My ex and I broke up about a month ago. I tried everything to get back with her. I left her calls texts and even dropped off a letter. I even went looking for her to speak in person, but she didn’t answer the door although she was there. I sent her flowers for her bday. Before all this she did block me off everything. I simply would like to talk in person and get closure. Yet she won’t even responded to anything, even after sending her those flowers. Like can I get a yay or nahhh? I don’t know what more to do. I gave it my all. I was her first everything and she said she would love me always, but I can’t give up. If she loves me that much, why did she block me or not talk to me face to face? She must have a lot of will power. I just don’t get it... please help
1 y
I just think something like this can’t just end with no closure. I respect her decision, but she could at least speak to me face to face.
My ex won’t talk to me?
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