Do people ever get back together after the have healed from past relationships?

I was married to a emotional abusive man we where together for 10 years and we own a business together, that ended with him cheating on me twice, once I left him I started dating someone else, and got divorced shortly after because I thought I was over him. I was over him emotionally just not the trauma he put me through, it carried over into our relationship. I would say your so amazing and I appreciate you so much, because he was would chastise me, and belittle me if I did this. My new boyfriend was so perfect we had the same values, we made a great team, we enjoyed each others company, hobbies etc. He was almost everything that I wanted in a guy but, due to his ex cheating on him as well and being extremely depressed he lost his confidence.
After 3 months of us dating he pulled away and we ended up breaking up shortly after. When I asked him why he told me I talked about my ex to much, and that he also doesn't feel like himself, because he was going through a lot of stuff such as not liking his job, his mom driving him nuts cause she moved in with him due to her financial state. He told me he can't be in a relationship, but he wanted me as a his girlfriend cause I was everything he wanted. I told him that maybe we can try this again later, when we are both healed, and he said he would like that a lot.
I have been a mess since we broke up a month ago, I miss him and love him so much. He doesn't contact me, but I talk to him when we talk he shows me he is working on himself, and I am also working on myself. Sometimes he ignores my text messages, sometimes he doesn't. I found out from my mom that he told her that I needed to fix myself for than he does. Seems to me like both of us rebounded of each other, but I am not sure, seems like a timing issue. So I was wondering if people do get back together after healing.
Do people ever get back together after the have healed from past relationships?
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