What is the most painful experience or answer you ever hear? How you deal with it?

We can handle pain, but there's always a circumstances. It is either we are a violent person or a piece of stone.What is the most painful experience or answer you ever hear? How you deal with it?


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  • I got a cluster headache a few times in my day. I fully understand why they call it a "suicide headache". A very, very, very, VERY close second is having an inflamed appendix. That was he fun either.


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  • hey i love the whole pain and perception thing, scientifically pain perception is just that the way our brain perceives the nerve responses we are getting. Its individual, i accept and my children take the piss how low my pain threshold is, if i just knock my arm on a door for instance it will send pain shock waves through my body and make me feel sick and usually make me cry... if i watch those comedy clips where people have silly accidents i get shock waves down my sciatic nerves... so with one of my child labours i can honestly say if that had been me in a torture type environment i would rather of been killed than suffer it!!! our brains our designed to forget the actual recall of pain hence things like hangovers, labour, etc designed to remember the good times, a vital essence id say otherwise humans wouldn't exist i guess... whats your worst pain experience? xx

    • I had a Caesarian and that pain is different from labor pain. Although the labor pains can bring us to hell of a pain and giving birth could bring our one foot to death. Yeah.

      Thanks for the reply. It was a situation in a relationship that I can still handle the pain. The pain that makes me stronger and better person.

      Thanks a lot ❤️😘

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  • Firstly... thanks for showing us your whips?

    Most painful experience... emotionally the break up of my first love, physically my sinusitis attack because it was prolonged horrid pain that was even worse than my spinal surgery. I was coughing so hard I would faint or puke daily. Lasted a month.

    • It was our dog, he wanted to play and his paws got me. He is so big kind a dog. Pure American Akita

  • I've had my heart broken and it was excruciating! Hard to breathe, chest pain, dizzy, dry mouth. But that heart break has made me stronger and I know now that I set terrible boundaries and I learned a lot from that painful moment in my life.

  • physical, car accident. broke lots of stuff.
    mental, my mother. she has a stick up her ass. she has essentially "shunned" me for like... the last 8 months.

  • My ex would grab my arms (and sometimes push me to the ground) if I wasn’t facing him while he spoke, if I walked away from him, if I said something he never liked and so on, he’d grab my arms really hard that I’d have bruises all over them.
    I fell head over heels for him when I was 14, started dating when I was 15 and I loved him so, so much but when I was 16, we both split up and I continued to love him. Well last year when I heard he had sex with a girl who was so drunk, she passed out on the couch at a party, my ex still had sex with her AND the girl was a virgin. I don’t think I had ever felt so much pain in my entire life. I felt like I was dying. I failed my level two maths and English because I couldn’t even do any of the work from being so sad, crying in class and being told to leave because I clearly wasn’t emotionally well to even be at school.

    • Ouch that was very sad, I know that the pain will be there and it mark the past. Hope you find a good one. There's always someone who will come around and change your destiny and you have to wait for that. The feeling the you have found your soulmate. Please remember if you found your soulmate, it is so unbelievable feeling. And I hope you will wait for that and make sure you pray for it. It is amazing experience. It is one of a kind. Once said that you are lucky if you found love in a man the he loved you too as much as you do and respect you as much. And you felt the love of him. It's heaven, that is a perfect chemistry. I have read a quote for this but I forgot the saying. I hope I did remember

  • When I was a 4 or 5 years old, boiling water poured on to my right leg. The scar is still there.

  • My ‘Dad’ beating me.

    • you too huh

      my dad beat me also,
      he even kept doing it when I was 20
      he needs to stop

      mostly he did it whenever I got angry

      but I know the feeling, I can greatly emphasize with you on that

  • My ex losing interest in me after two years.

    • That sucks. Could have been married with a few kids before that though.

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    • High risk... Same reward 🤣
      I agree it's not a good idea

    • Yeah

  • My mother told me she was ashamed of me about 3 years ago and never apologized for saying that. That hurt me and is painful for me until this day.

    • Yes I could feel the word. It is lashes through bones. It is so hurtful, but if we do have to make us better than what she is saying. We can be better to everyone. Than to only one

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