Male psychology anyone? My ex is being weird.

Never in my life did I want anything more than my ex back but he got a girl (rebound?) within 2 weeks and I thought if that makes him happy I'll respect that. I tried to move on.

He called me the night he got his girl and broke down in tears, asking why I'm not with him. He said he cared so much about me but I was selfish and he couldn't take it. (I had issues but been to a counselor) he said his new girl is not pretty and can't kiss :/ Why? (NOTE: he's shallow)

Thought he'd moved on so I set my mind to heal. Last night HE called ME! His excuse, 'i don't know why I called' followed by 'thought we ended on a bad note.'

he then asks, 'anything changed? Do you have a boyfriend?' I say no but I like someone and he's hot and he says, 'hot? Really hot?'

STRANGELY he starts going on about how awesome Rosie is and he looks forward to the conversation and we sucked together. I never mentioned her ONCE! WTF?

I said stop lying, and grow up. We were good together and he moodily agreed.

Then went on saying we can't be friends and I'm not invited to his party. He might call me thought but don't wait around on it. AS IF I WOULD! Oh, may I add he said he'd been trying to find naked photos of me, he's not happy sexually and he's trying to restore photos/videos of me.

He concluded with I AM happy now.

Ok! Male psychology?

What's going on? Why the call when he's so happy with Rosie? Thanks xx


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  • he wants to get you back.

    1. he tried to make you pity him and take him back

    2. he is trying to make you jealous and take him back

    3. he is still contacting you to make you miss him because he wants you back!

    well at least that's what I think.

    • Thanks.

      I thought he was looking for a reaction. Pushing my buttons to make me sad/cry/declare my love.

      I mean, what guy calls his ex when he's 'happy'' with a new girl, right?

    • right, he's trying to get you jealous and want him back.

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