I love him, I don't want to end it, what other choice do I have?

I love my boyfriend, but there are just to many things that I can't deal with anymore. He had a drug problem and we worked threw that, fine but there is more. He has double standards coming out his ass. I can't talk to my guy friend or shower at a friends house without him getting snippy, but He can have his friend send nude photos, he can pass out next to naked girls, drive a hooker home, and party with one girl till 6 am. That was a while ago. He stopped calling or texting me and only does it if I am busy or he's out of town. Then he calls and texts 1000 times a day. He would blow me off to go play video games with his cousin and he was never there for me in the beginning. Most of that has changed but he still hasn't told his family we are giving out relationship a second go. I'm getting tired of him running when his phone rings, telling them he's with some girl whose name is very similar to mine and the fact that they are always inviting him and his new Chicky out...but its me. He keeps saying he will eventually tell them, but it doesn't seem like he will. He never stood up for me when we were dating before and now he won't tell them about me. They keep their mouth shut about his cousins wife out of respect for the cousin, and they really hate her. Why doesn't he think I will get the same. Why can't he stand up and tell them if she's not welcome I'm not. I did it for him. It looks like this is a one sided relationship but when we split the first time he came running back to me. Now its going back to the same routine. What other choice do I have. I'm going to give him till Jan 1st to tell them, or I'm done. Start the new year fresh. Am I doing the right thing or should I try and talk to him.


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  • I couldn't put up with that. Life is worth LIVING and you only get this year once and this next month once. Do you feel you are living?


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