Pretty sure she's cheating?

Hey I think I'll like this app. So I have a girlfriend that has shown cheating actions via cell phone. Reassures me she's not. There's a lot to this. I love the idea of her yet hate feeling like she's playing me. I have been the guy with the girls that has a guy my whole life and I think it's karma bc i decided to settle down. Lol I know but I did. I took another perspective to a few wemon. Well the one that I want my girlfriend seems to talk to other dudes prodomently when Im out of town for work. Lol I jacked her old phone so I could spy and like I thought but never see as soon as I leave all these people start communicating with her I've been the other guy and know how slick chicks can be what's y'all's thoughts. I'll respond back
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Pretty sure she's cheating?
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