6 months pregnant....will he come back?

Me and my boyfriend have been off and on for 5 months and dating for a year. He left me a month after we found out I was pregnant for his ex and came back after 2 weeks. Now I left him. Its an ugly mess. He started talking to his ex and I found out and let them both have a piece of my mind. Then I missed him and told him I loved him. Then I told him he can't see his son unless he stops doing cocaine. All he tells me is leave her alone which I have and that he's over it. If he is so over it why did he have sex with me 2 days ago? Why did he text me all night the other night and tell me he loves me and our son. I told him I'm over things and don't wanna fight. I started to ignore him today. Will he come back or is it over for good?


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  • Well if I was him I would def come back I would want to b their for my son. But as far as you and him TRY to get it straight . I ve learn you don't have to love your babymother to be in your child s life. I hope he comes back cause it sounds like you really love him.. I wish you the best and remember even if he don't come back you not the only single mother on the planet my mommy did it all by her self and I'm doing great.


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  • no, if you were pregnant I wouldn't come back to you. I don't want baby issues. That will only tare me apart financially in years to come. Not worth it.


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  • The truth even if he did come back, it wouldn't be a good relationship. It's best if it's over for good. If he won't stop cocaine for his son who he supposedly loves then he is NOT worth it. He most likely is over it. He probably just missed the sex to tell the truth. If he left you for another woman and won't stop his addiction even after you asked and pleaded nicely he doesn't love you. If he didn't even stop and consider he's son's health he most likely doesn't love him either. I'm sorry to break it to ya hun but he's just not worth it. Steer clear of him. If he wants to see his son, you have to set some restrictions. That's the only way he'll(your son) be safe from toxins.


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