My boyfriend broke up with me because he wanted me to be happy?

we were together for 4 years. suddenly, since we had enough time being together, we got to the point where we felt totally comfortable, as if we were best friends and roommates.. Well, i started to feel weird because i needed to hold hands and kiss him and i wanted to say cute things to him so he could say them back. he did, but somehow they felt different and we started to fall apart, being together meant checking our phones and reading something someone said or just showing videos or a photo. So i told him i needed that 'spark'that we both needed to feel like we were in love again, because sometimes it felt like we were an old couple.

He said he was trying but it didn't feel like it, so he broke up with me on my birthday. he gave me a cake and a card and left. it was the worst birthday. i felt miserable and alone. he keeps saying he wants me to be happy with or without him, texts me as if i was a friend and when i tell him i wanted him to spend time with me he said he tried but it wasn't enough and that i was always sad... why do you think he's acting like this? i love him and i miss him. he hasn't deleted our pictures and hasn't told anyone. what do i do?
My boyfriend broke up with me because he wanted me to be happy?
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