What in the world should I do?

This is not an easy thing to write about. But I am seriously at a loss... About mid-July, I noticed someone looking into my bedroom window (this was about midnight). When I looked again I saw the person crouched between my bedroom and bathroom windows. I called the police (as I live alone), and was told that there wasn't anything they could do, since the person didn't actually break in.

about a month and a half later my older brother came over to watch a movie. Halfway through the movie I left to get some food. When I came back I found a hole ripped in my curtain (in my bedroom, which wasn't there before). So I have no doubt the peeper was my brother (sickening, isn't it?). (I had a issue 8 years ago with him putting holes in my walls to watch me in the bathroom and my bedroom). I have no hard evidence to take to the police, and I have already limited the time I spend with him; my family doesn't believe it's really him.

I don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions?


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  • Install "security" cameras,like a couple of hidden ones,then review them at the end of the week.


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  • get a can of mace (one of the small ones that hook on to a keychain) and confront him next time you catch him. (the mace is only a precaution).


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  • If you know the peeping Tom is your brother that's really sick. You should tell him you know he's been spying on you and he needs to get help.

    • he was confronted by my dad and my ex brother in law 8 years ago. He left for the military, came back and is at it again. I am the 'too nice' person, and don't quite know how to go about the confrontation.

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