He wants to cheat on me?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 1. We R casual We met at university though he was senior to me. We don't live together. And we never stayed together during the term holidays either. He would leave for his country and I would leave for mine.

Last year he met a girl whom I knew nothing about. My boyfriend and I have a large group of mutual friends and one of the guys told me about her.
He met this girl whom he had 'love at first sight'. He met this girl 1 week before I went back home for holidays.

His friend told me that he would continuously stare at the girl and would keep running to her all the time. He also asked him about her, asking him how beautiful she is and another friend confirmed that while they were talking, he was openly drooling over her.

The girl was also reciprocating and they apparently had a talk but she didn't ask him for his phone number or on a date and he stopped talking to her and went back to his country.

He bumped into her again 8 months later and approached her for a talk which she did. But something happened and his friend said he started getting angry at her and would treat her rudely.

Apparently she stopped talking to him completely and then he started being friendly and warm towards her. Though our friend did tell me that he told him he was expecting her to come and talk to him. She didn't do it as he would keep walking and this infuriated him.

He was taking me out on a date but he decided to meet up at the university. Our friend told me my boyfriend bumped into her and was being gentle towards her. But she didn't go up as he walked on while he looked back to check on her.
He did this once more when he saw her coming and left me and our friends to follow her.

I also got to know that he began treating her rudely again and was being mean to her when she came to talk to him.

He's been with me and is always hugging me and we have sex a lot, we smoke from the same cigs/drink from same cups and have fun in general then why is he leaning to her?
He wants to cheat on me?
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