How do I move on?

we didn't really date but we had something going on and i would say we were about to get into a relationship but we didn't. During the 2 months we were going crazy for each other, we talked every day, go out to have meals together, he will fetch me home and do all the lovey dovey things a guy would do when he is chasing a girl. He is really good looking and i was REALLY insecure that why would he choose me. there are so many oyher girls texting him and he told me before that he is only into "pretty girls" while Im just an average looking girl and im not rich while he is HOT and rich. He confessed that he like me about 3 times and he understands that im not confident when it comes to relationships and that i need time to decide if i can accept this guy as my boyfriend. as i have trust issues when it come to guys. One day, suddenly we stopped talking, there werent any reasons... we just said goodnight and the next day no text from him so i thought he was busy and as another day goes by i waited for him to text me but he didn't. then, on the 2nd day after waiting i texted him, "hey is everything okay" and he said "yea" and our conversation started getting so awkward and we ended up not texting each other anymore. It's been 2 years since we stopped talking. i was serious and sincere with him and my heart hurts so much on how the situation is right now. i can't move on, its so hard, i liked him a lot, i told him lots of stuff and he just left me all of a sudden without a reason which makes it hard for me to move on as i dont have a clear reason. His friends tells me he misses me but when i try to talk to him it doesn't seem like it as he didn't get back to me on the dates where we should meet. I've tried so many ways to move on, i've kept myself busy but it only helped a little, is not that i can't get over him but it is the "memories" that i miss so much, the things that we did together was meaningful and it mean everything to me.
pls help me
1 y
i've blocked him on everything but it so hard to getthe memories out of my mind. i hate how i am so attached to the memories and i know there are better guys out there for me and would love me evern more but i just can't seem to move on from this
How do I move on?
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