I slapped my boyfriend? What should I do?

So we have been dating 7 months. His ex girlfriend just broke up with her boyfriend and has now been trying to get back with my boyfriend. I get jealous because when we first started dating he would text her a lot, and he stopped after we started getting more serious but yesterday we were drinking and I saw that she messaged him saying she wanted to have a game night and I snapped. I don't know what else was said but he said he talked to her a bit then didn't respond after that. But I started getting really mad and he was trying to show me the texts but I didn't even want to look at them, and then he got mad and started saying mean things about me and how I'm always messing up so I can't say anything. Then he went on to bring up a past situation and says he doesn't want to see his friends anymore because of me and said a lot of mean things and I just reacted and slapped him super hard. I feel really bad and we were camping and he made me sleep in the car. He says it's fine but I feel like a piece of shit. He said he'd show me the convo after I calmed down but he never did. And it just frustrates me because he gets really mad too. I just had all this built up anger and I should never do that no matter what but I did. What do I do?
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Just letting u know he yells at me all the time and breaks things all the time and I slapped him once it wasn't that hard I obviously feel bad but I need advice. Not criticism I already know it was wrong.
I slapped my boyfriend? What should I do?
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