Should I kick her to the curb?

Basically, what's happening is that I have been seeing a girl for a while, but it wasn't a legit relationship. It was more or less consistent sex at my place (i'm in college) and after a certain point, she told me that she wanted more.. In terms of going out to places, and just going to places besides just my place late at night (8:00PM and later hrs.) I didn't have a problem with this because I was interested in her from the start, but my schedule is usually pretty busy, so that's why I usually hit her up kind of late. In regards to taking her places, I'm a Jr. and she's a frosh, so I felt like I wasn't in a rush to commit myself to her due to her being young, still in that I 'need' to go to 1-2 parties a week kind of stage and frosh yr. being the year that people usually put their lives into perspective in terms of where they want to go, goals to accomplish, and who they want to become. Anyways, this convo. of her wanting more came up before Thanksgiving break, which is when she said that she needed time to think about things over break and just hang out with friends during that time. So, I gave her space (only text her to say happy thanksgiving). Needless to say, when I came back things were odd, normally she text me everyday just to see what I'm doing, but I hadn't heard anything. In fact, if I don't text or call her first I don't hear anything from her. This is odd because she was the one always asking 'where are we going and I want someone to be commited to me' and always the clingy one saying things like 'i miss u' all of the time. Anyways, Wednesday came around and we were studying together, so I told her that I wanted to spend the day with her (part of trying to give her more like she asked!) and take her somewhere nice to eat for Friday and I wanted us to pick the place together. She seemed to like the idea, but told me she would get back to me. So she ended up telling me thursday, after I called her that she has to work Friday night (she helps to promote for a club by passing out flyers and etc.) so I said fine and she said can we raincheck this one and I said how about Saturday and she said sure and she'll call me friday. Long story short, I haven't heard a word from her and today is saturday. What should I do? I'm certainly not into having my time wasted and I'm on the fence about kicking her to the curb for another woman but I'm not sure..


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  • Maybe she's interested in another guy, or maybe she doesn't know what she wants and needs time to figure things out.

    It might be a bit annoying and frustrating, but maybe you should wait a little bit, give her more time.

    Or even better confront her about it, like she said she wants to be more but she keeps delaying the opportunity for you two to be together...whats up with that?! Just talk to her about it and ask why she didn't call. She could have been really busy lately as well tho...

    But if things keep going on like this with an unreasonable reason for like a week or two, I would just get up and leave...not worth wasting your time over.


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  • at the moment, this girl has in interest in you, but what she is doing, is that she's playing hard to get with you, so it's you who's always in contact first, making the plans first instead of her. if you don't like her, kick her to the curb, if you like her tell her you want to be in a relationship. she's doing this so you show more interest in her, that's all.

  • She probably realized she was being a little clingy and wanted to see if you would text her first because that shows her that you're interested and care about what she's doing, if you don't that could show her that she's the one that was always holding it together and maybe she wants you to chase her a little bit.

    I think you should just call or text her to see if you're going out tonight. It sounds to me that she might be insecure bringing up the relationship thing and now she's playing games to try and see how you'll react. Personally, I think it's best to be blunt and straight to the point than play all those games and that's why you should call her.

    Maybe if it doesn't work tonight, you aren't in a relationship, so keep your options open. It would be pretty rude if she just blew you off again tonight when you made a plan.


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