I can't get my ex to leave me alone.

no matter what I tell her she keeps bugging me. we dated for bout 2 and a half years and then I found out she cheated on me so that was that. back in july she said she was really sorry and wanted me back. I believed her. that same day my brother told me she was flirting with him and was acting very "whore" ish. I don't get her, she keeps telling me that she really likes me, but she sure doesn't show it. at this point I hav no feelings for her and don't even want to talk to her, yet she keeps on bugging me with her crap. I kinda feel like she never cared about me, just the attention I gave her. she whipped me like a freakin slave. how can I get the point across that I really don't wanna see her or talk to her. I've already told her just that and she doesn't seem to get it
well I took that advice you guys gave me and she got real pissed that I've been pretty much ignoring her. she got mad and hasn't talked to me all day. as mean as it sounds, I hope this ignoring me thing keeps up thanx


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  • by not replying to her. don't answer her calls or texts, block her number, her fb. when you see her in person, be polite but don't continue a conversation with her. Cut everything to be bare minimum.


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  • Simple just cut off all contact...all of it! even if she keeps txt'n you don't sweat it just don't text back because in her whore mind she believes as long as there is some reply that you give her she thinks she might have chance...just leave it alone and don't bother with it trust me I know what you mean

  • good... ignoring her is good- but if you have to drive the point home.. tell her that you HATE her, and you hope she finds another guy... and QUIT FCUKING CALLING ME... I DON'T WANT YOU! I bet ifya tell her that, she will stop calling, trying to get you back... she is another girl. She hates you, she loves how weak you are when it comes to her... it's up to you to break this- and you will, one way or another.


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