Now Should I text him again or just move on?

so me and this kid met hung out and I guess I wasn't the most expressive with my feelings and there was drama going with me and his friend.. his friend liked me too, and I guess I was nicer to the friend, we stopped talking because he though I liked his friend. But anyway he got a girlfriend, and this girl had feelings for him for a while. so I haven't texted him since he got girlfriend. So he texted me today at 8 in the morning at was like so your never gonn talk to me again, why haven't you texted me...? Do you think he likes me still or what, also yesterday being a Friday night he wasn't even with his girlfriend he was out with his friend at the mall walking around doing nothings, and now I feel like texting him what do you think


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  • he's gotta girlfriend, does having feelings for you make any sense in terms of timing and situation?


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