Ex boyfriend Behavior?

He talks to me, telling me he still likes me and misses me, calls me cutie, but then he stops talking to me and he knows I hate when people do stuff like that. It's confusing me the heck outta me. Why does he do that? If your ex did that to you, how would you react, deal with it, and/or what would you think he/she up to?


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  • I think if you are this bothered about it,

    there are still some unsettled feelings with in you

    but if I'm wrong I think you should ignore this guy

    based from experience this kind of guy are the player types, though not all of them

    but if you still have feelings for him and you are fed up with this, I think you should confront him and clear some questions :)

  • I think they do it just cause they are lonely or bored, they say they like you cause they once shared a connection with you. Don't think to much about it cause they don't rely mean anything by it. hope this helps


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