How can you tell if he's not into you?

So I met this guy in the begaining of the year at a football game. he was talking to one of my guysfriends that I came over to talk with and me and this guy didn't talk. But I thought he was the most beautifulest person I have ever seem in my life and I liked him right away. I talked about him all the time. Then the second football game came and I saw him again and he came over to me and my friends and after that we talked pretty much everyday. My friends told him that I liked him and a lot of other embarrassing things right in front of me but he told me not to worry about it. Him and I had plans to go to the movies once but that didn't workout and we talked a lot about spending time together but that's all we ever did

Then he told me that we could hangout because he's was going to be busy for a while and he didn't know when he could get another chance. so we walked around town but we didn't really talk. But then we went to the bleachers and we had a full on makeout session

But the problem is that a lot of people found out and were saying a lot of things cuz he's in collage and I'm a high school nothing bad happened but it doesn't look that good to some people And now it's been two weeks sence I have talked to him and a few days ago I saw him at a basketball game and he walked right past me without saying a word. Should I move on? Is he embarrassed or mad at me?
How can you tell if he's not into you?
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