Ex randomly makes contact?

My ex and I were together for 3 years, and yeah he was my first real "marriage" prospect type of love. We lived together for 2 years and then he got on drugs & I threw him out. Since then he has been fighting the drugs & we've been off and on. We got in to a huge fight a month ago I called it quits. I have nothing of his left (I gave it back) and made it clear that he needed to move on & I wanted the same. Even though I ended it, the brakeup is hard and its harder because he does random things. Tonight he sent a text message at 1am asking why I was calling him if I said for him not to call or text me. The thing is I never called or texted him & told him this. A few weeks prior he sent a blank text message & then followed it a day later with one that said he loved me. I've made it clear its over, what game is he trying to play at. He knows I'm not the type to be friends with benefits so what gives
I should add that just an 2 hours ago he texted and said even if its over and I hate him he still loves me we just see things differently.Then I told him we needed to move on and love isn't everything and he stopped texting.What do you think his deal is?


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  • Keep your disae from him he might want something more,


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