My girlfriend of 10 years broke up and weeks later is with another guy. What do I do?

My girlfriend and I have been together since we were 16. I am the only guy she has ever been with.

On Thanksgiving day as I was preparing to make dinner for her and her mother she said "WE HAVE TO TALK".

She moved into her mom's and stayed in contact all week, but on the weekend disapeared.

She said she needs time on her own and to have a place of her own (we lived together since 16). She promised if she was going to start dating anyone she would let me know. I helped her move all her stuff into her new place.

Some of our mutual friends have been avoiding me and I had the feeling something was going on. I texted her one Saturday morning and said I was coming over when I was only 5 min away. I used an excuse of going over some bills we had together. She wouldn't let me come in and after asking a few times if this particular guy was in there she said yes he was but he only stayed the night as a friend.

I met with her later in the day and demanded some honesty. She admitted to being in a relationship with this guy after she split, and amost of my "friends" knew about it. The day before she looked me in the eye and said there was no one else and that there still may be hope for us in the future. She says she doesn't love him yet and they have not slept together.

What do I do? Is she being Honest?


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  • He is most likely a rebound guy... the only thing you can really do is try to keep yourself busy so your not constantly thinking about them.

    • do you think she left me for hime?

    • Its possible, but if that is the case its most likely because she got tired of the relationship and wanted space but didn't want to be alone

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  • She's that dude's problem now. Maybe look at it that way.

  • It sounds like she is on a rebound, but nevertheless, he might end up being her boyfriend. You need to take a step back, because you're in a bad situation. I was in the same situation and lost my girl forever to some guy. You need a game plan, check this out ==> link


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