Why can't I? How can I get over him?

It's been 2months and I've seen him with other women and I still have a problem talking to other men and just going out in general. Everyone in a relationship seems to set off my depression mode. Why am I so caught up when I know I'm an amazing catch and I know he was never good for me in the first place. I'm trying but I still have this attachment or something.. Help.. We don't talk don't see each other we have a KID though but ever since a few weeks ago we haven't spoken.. I need to get him out of me **tear drops** Male & Female help wanted. Thanks


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  • healing takes time. some people rush into new relationships straight away because they can't bear the thought of being alone. but for the rest of us, we need to process what has happenned and 'move on'. Only then do we feel ready to start something new. Personally I think this is more healthy - you are not trying to push away your feelings. Be kind and patient with yourself and just think how nice it will be a bit further down the line when you do meet someone! For me it's been almost 4 months since my ex broke my heart and I know I'm still not mentally ready for someone new...but I'm getting there slowly. And so will you!

  • well its been 4 months sonce my break and it still hurts me, and I still want my ex back to. I don't know how long it will tak eyou or me to move on, but all we can do it try to keep ourselves as busy as possible and try not to slip into our deppression too hard. I still get sad everyday, but everyday get just a tinnnny bit easier. good luck girl. as time goes on, you will eventually find someone so amazing for you and to you! we all deserve the best kind of love, we just gotta be ready for it, and even tho we are no where near ready right now, we just need to hope that I will get better =)


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