Talking to my ex in two days! Help?

I'm going to tell him how I feel regardless of responses etc. as I don't believe in living with regrets or having too much pride.

We still love each other. After 10 days he was with a new girl whom he doesn't find attractive. That night, he called me and cried and shouted and asked why I wasn't with him. After an hour I was the one who hung up.

I began no contact. After only 11 days HE called ME. He was quick to say he didn't know why and then asked if I was dating anyone. I said I liked someone and he asked if they were good looking. After saying how awesome his relationship is and how bad ours was he eventually admitted he was looking at photos of me. I accused him if still loving me and he said nothing at all. I hung up.

Do you believe I have a chance? (remember it's not what YOU would do if you were him, but what you think he'll do)

I realized my feelings and that I had to do thing after suffering a cancer scare. It truly sorts out your priorities.


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  • Hey Olivia it's me your GaG friend LonelyEevee we are on the same boat but you were lucky because your ex is contacting you. Mine however contacted me but lied about everything. She said that she wants to be with me again if ever she realized that she made a mistake in breaking up with me then ends up saying that she said those things so that we could be friends I feel so BS'd and used

    Anyway do continue the NC and make him beg to want you back. Hold your feelings back my friend just ignore him and be happy with life. don't fall yet let him say "i want you back and I made a mistake"

    That's all thanks ^_^


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  • He probably is in a new relationship, but is struggling to get over you.

  • FORGET HIM.! Just trust me. The more you ignore him, the more he's going to want you.


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