Guys, if you broke up with a girl (but maybe still liked/loved her) would you want her to contact you?

i was with my ex for 3 and a half years, he broke up with me 4 months ago, then about a month ago he got in contact with me.

he broke up with me because he said "he didn't love me like he used to"

but since we've been talking we've hung out a few times and he treats me just like he did when we were together (minus the kissing/touching etc) I sometimes get the feeling he still cares.

but, now I'm the one always trying to contact him, and he responds back, but I hate to be the one always contacting him.

could he want me to be the initiator every time because he is afraid to? or does he not want to talk to him at all?

i still love/miss and want him back... .


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  • Well if I still love her and I have another girl in my life, I would not like her to contact me anymore and as that guy does I may simply treat her nicely but if I still love her I would like to contact her myself, unless she hurt me so bad that my life went to ruins because of her.


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