Is it really possible? does it happen and is it seen as wrong ?

I was reading in a magazine today about married couples and that one partner fell in love with another person outside the marriage and left the family for this person ? Also another case was that a married man with 3 kids and was married for ten years fell in love with a girl 22 years younger than him and left his family for her ?Does this really happen and do ye think its wrong ? I was just surprised?

thanks :D


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  • yes this happens. My aunt and uncle had 5 kids and my aunt had an affair, left my uncle and now she has 5 new kids with her new man. I have not seen my uncle since I was 5.

    I have had a cousin with1 kid leave her man for a new man.

    I have seen a lot of people get divorces, they claim they have just "fallen" out of love. My sister cheated on her exhusband and he cheated on her numerous times...

    I really don't want a guy to cheat on me, and I need someone who has morals and will work at the relationship. Relationships are hard, and people these days don't realize that it is through the good times and the bad times to make a relationship work. It's so hard to start one in the first place.


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  • love can sometimes be like a drug, it starts off as your best friend, and then becomes your worst enemy. If you don't know what your doing, or learning from your mistakes, this type of stuff happens.


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  • That can definitely happen. I've heard of it happening numerous times. Yes, I think it is wrong. I couldn't imagine having a family and being with someone for years, and then just dumping them for the next thing that walks by.


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