He only wants me badly when I reject him..what is up with that?

My boyfriend (ex) has been coming and and leaving the relationship for months now. He only comes back full force after we break up and I reject him and move on. That is when he wants me badly and comes back...

Is this like some sick chase, get and then tun again. he loves the chase but not the catch...

What the hell do I do and what does this mean AND how can I change this behavior. Is this love or what.

We also just became parents so this happened while I was pregnant and now that we have our son.

I am so frustrated and somehow feel that his love for me is not the same.

I was his first love and he was crazy about me, he adored me, now this...


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  • Take it from someone who knows, that having a father walk in and out of your life will scar you forever. He either needs to stay PERMANENTLY, or leave forever. He can't have it both ways. It's not fair to anyone. And as a parent, you need to enforce that. If you don't, I hope you can live with the regret of causing your child immense pain. Be strong, because you can.


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  • I'll list a couple of reasons:

    1.) Men are more attracted to what they can't have. And they will try until they get it(if they get it).

    2.) Maybe this is his way of keeping "the fire" in it for himself. As some men keep an interest with a "hunt" type of mentality.

    TTW1 summed it up in a nutshell. Quit letting this game go on. As it's not just the two of you.


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  • Girl, I am going through the same sh*t right now. Except I'm not pregnant but we both thought I was and that is when my ex partner went ape sh*t. He loved the chase and it's just immature and pathetic. He either needs to leave or stay. But don't put up with it..it will only hurt you like it did to me. Ig ot sick and tired of it and so I'm just ignoring the hell out of him and I'm a lot better now.

    • I forgot to add that he could be doing the whole chase thing because he's inecure and it makes him feel a lot better about himself when you're willing to be part of the game. Just don't feed into it anymore. I agree with ThenThereWas1, be strong and you can do it.

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