Should I take a boy that cheated back?

Yeah, he cheated on me after being together for over a year. I was away for a photo shoot and he cheated, my bff told me when I got back, and I ended it immediately. He's asking for me back, but don't know if I should. Opinions please?


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  • The fact of the matter is no one here can really answer that question for you as we weren't there. What we can do is to try and get you to look at all sides of both options.

    How much does he still mean to you?

    Do you think he's completely disrespectful to you, or just had a lapse in judgement?

    Will you be able to trust him again?

    Is this something that you can forgive?

    Do you think he's now being sincere?

    There are a lot of preconceived notions about cheaters (not entirely unfounded, don't hate me), but the fact of the matter is they are NOT all the same. Some really are the douchebags that will just hurt you again, but some can be good people that had a weak moment. Going with that, some people can forgive cheating where as some people are hurt too badly from it to be able to start over again (that's not referring to holier than thou people, that's referring to those where all they associate with that person anymore is the fact that they cheated). A sad reality is that a study showed that more than 50% of people will cheat in a marriage, and men and women are almost equally likely to cheat.

    Those questions we can't answer for you, you have to answer them. They can be summed up in "Do you think that you can go back to what you had together before the photo shoot?"

    PS No I have never cheated on anyone.


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  • ummm NOOOO!

    seriously if he cheated on you he has absolutely no respect toward you what so ever. and for a year is a really long time, you must be really stupid if you even think about taking him back, its his lost hun not yours. cheating takes more effort then not cheating.

    i would never let a guy treat me like a doormat

  • No ,Cheating is such ugly business! It never ends well because no matter how it plays out somebody carries the burden of what happened.

    If he could do it once then I'm sure thatll happen again lol

    U should just respect your self just move on then

  • well first off all think of how deep the feelings were and what kind of guy he is for all you know I could have actually been seduction or intoxication, he obviously cares if he's asking for you back and was he caught in the act or just seen with a girl hopefully there's the chance he didn't however love don't come around often so I'd give him a chance but do the dating thing again make him earn your trust, affection and show he's worth considering x

  • Noooo way. Cheaters are no bueno. Find someone new.

  • Being cheated on is a horrible thing, especially if you really love the person you're with, so you have to ask yourself if you could ever trust this guy again. I mean even if you choose to try and work things out, could you ever trust him 100% the next time you go away for another photoshoot or if he chooses to go out with his friends. For me it would be something that I'd never forget and it would always tarnish the relationship, but some people are different and can forgive things like that. There are no excuses for cheating, even when drunk it's not like you forget the person your with and in all honesty, if a guy is capable of 'performing', then he's aware enough to know what he's doing! So for me I would say look for a nice, kind and caring guy who'll respect and look after you, but of course that's a lot easier said than done! lol Out of interest, what did you say or do to him when he told you he'd cheated?

    • i just asked him, annd when he admited it, I just broke down, had to sit down, he tried to comfort me, I didn't want his hands on me. I'm a legal gardian to my little cousin she heard me crying, so came in and hugged me. I told her to go to her room, and him to get his stuff and leave. I thought he was the one tbh. but now I'm not so sure, without my cousin, I wouldn't have been so strong x

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    • my little cousin said the way I can hurt him now is to ignor him, and not take him back. which I plan to do thanks to advice I got on this. thank you though :)

    • Well I think your cousin gives good advice... And you're welcome! :o)

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