How do people feel about open relationships and their partner hooking up?

My girlfriend and I just started an open relationship, more her idea than mine, and I was wondering from anybody who has had an open relationship how it worked for them? also, I feel jealous when she talks about doing things with other guys but I want her to be happy. What do people think about their partners doing things with other people? would you be happy their happy or angry or sad? Thanks so much.


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  • If you are not happy just HEARING about her doing things with other guys how are you going to react when she actually starts GETTING with other guys?

    If two people want an open relationship that's one thing. If ONE person wants an open relationship then it's time to break up. She's basically saying she wants to go and hookup with other guys but have you around as some kind of a backup.

    The only thing that's going to happen is you're going to get hurt over and over until you finally get the guts to end the relationship or she grows tired of you/finds someone better and dumps you.

    Don't let yourself get used.

    • Well said. I agree. I personally could not do it. I would not be able to share my partner with another, no way no how!

    • Yeah. Thanks. I really think I already knew it wasn't good but I like her a lot so I was considering trying. Anyways, thanks, probably saved me from alot.

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  • I haven't had an open relationship, as that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.


    First, and foremost. WAKE UP. If you're not happy with the idea. Don't go with it. She wants to dabble with you, and any other male. Do you really want to share your woman with someone else? Find someone who will be happy with you, and only you. Not you, and any other **** she desires.

    Don't get wrapped up into something that will only affect you badly.

  • Well just like everyone has said, if you aren't comfortable with this idea then you shouldn't be doing it. You said that you were becoming jealous when you hear of other guys and your girlfriend. An open relationship isn't meant to be a "hide it from the other person so they don't get jealous". It's an OPEN relationship, which means you know what goes on and you are fine with it.

    You should sit your girlfriend down and talk to her about this. Tell her that it bothers you to be doing this kind of stuff. It sounds like you either changed your mind once you got into it, or you pressured into agreeing. So again, you shouldn't be doing this if you aren't comfortable with it.


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