How to get a girl back?

Me and , well my ex were going out for about a month, I went to her house on a Friday, everything seemed perfect, the next Monday she seemed like something was bothering her, and within a week she dumped me,


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  • Do you know why she dumped you?

    Thats a lot of guys problems, not realising that they've done something. I mean, girls are bad at that too but girls take it worse than guys.

    If you're really looking to get her back, and she wants you back to a certain extent.

    Ask, apologize and take lots of flowers or chocolates :)

    • she said it was because she was stressed, then because she wasn't ready, then because I wasn't ready, then because I was to imature for a relation ship. Personaly I don't think one of these was the reason, but I do know I really like her. the thing that gets me is one day were perfect, and the next day we were over.

    • It's harsh to say but maybe she's just looking for an excuse. The best way to get someone back is to make them think you're with someone else, if she gets jealous she still likes you, if she doesn't, she never did.

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  • If you really care about her then you need to ask her what is wrong, it could be something really silly, you know us girls we are sometimes scared to tell a guy how we feel because we don't want to hurt them. Good luck.

    • i found out today it was because she was really stressed and couldn't handle a relation ship right now, but I still can't tell if she likes me or, likes me as a friend. we talked today but it still felt really wierd.

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  • you want to get her back? this is exactly what you do. Email or text her. Tell her you thought about it and she's right. You agree with the break up and say you don't feel the same way any more and you don't want to be with her. WIsh her best of luck. If she says stay friends you say OK no problem. Then you go into No Contact mode. Zero contact. Then you start going out and having fun with your friends. And ou get a new chick. Make sure she finds out somehow about you dating a new girl. Then she will "chase" you. You tell her you wanna be friends, but you really like someone else. And that you aren't ready to be with her. She will chase you some more. Then you take her back. If she contacts you in between, talk or message her but keep it very short and brief. When you are back together, still go out with girl "friends". Keep her guessing about you. THen she's yours on your terms. Got it mate? Good luck.. Lemmie know how it goes.


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