Why Can't I Simply Let Him Go?

I have a man in my life who I have fallen in love with. Our great times are such great times - he treats me as though I'm the only girl in the room, spoils me, listens, cares and just shows me so much love. Unfortunately, we're "long distance" so whenever I leave, I no longer get responses for a week or so, and he doesn't respond to my messages/emails/phone calls, unless they pertain to a future visit. I have brought this up numerous times, because I really love this man. I have gone above and beyond just to make him feel great and loved, and it leaves me SO heartbroken and teary eyed when he "ignores" me for weeks. The thought of maybe he doesn't care comes to mind ALL the time, especially since I've already voiced my concern about this.

I think it's time I let him go and got over him. I'm just having such a hard time doing so. I know I need someone who will love me and care come rain or shine, and be there throughout the days just to listen, if I need a friend. The times we spend together are so amazing that I alternate between Cloud 9 and a Broken Heart. After each of the Cloud 9s, the heartbreaks just get deeper and worse, where tears just fill my eyes at the thought of him.

I love him, but maybe he just doesn't love me. Maybe.

Help me let him go.


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