How do you get over someone who's been with you for 3 years?

We've been together for 3 years now and I'm thinking of breaking up with him. He has changed for the worse and it seems like I'm no longer his priority. If we do break up, could someone tell me how do I get over him when he's been part of my life for 3 freaking years?


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  • Well sounds like you're already taking the first steps subconsciously. The fact that you're seriously considering getting out of a relationship because it's no longer working for you shows that you're being mature and trying to make the best decision for yourself...meaning you have respect for yourself and finally putting yourself back in the drivers seat...that's a HUGE part of moving on. I'm not going to sugarcoat it - it won't be super easy and you'll have you're good days and your bad, but as time goes on, it'll get easier.

    You're definitely going to have to eradicate him from your life completely - because if you stay in any contact with him, that will make it super hard to move on when you're still communicating with each other. Also, make sure to get out with friends and just generally do things that you like to do...when you're out and about and happy about the way that you're living your life on a daily basis, that's what gives you the strength to heal emotionally. Good luck sweetie :)


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  • you get over him, by time and through other guys


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