Meeting Ex - 1 room or 2 rooms?


I date Alex in a 4 years Long distance relationship. I broke up with him 2 years ago due to the limited time he could spent with me (he is career minded) and I cut all contact for 2 years till recently , he sent me birthday wishes and we start communicated again.After broking up with him, I dated another guy (Tom) for 1 year and we broke up also 2 months ago.

Alex wanted to meet me and I agreed to see him half way of where we both live. He asked me if he shall book 1 or 2 room for the hotel in the town we are going to spent a weekend together.

I missed Alex a lot and I had moved on to Tom during the last 2 years. Deep inside I love Alex even Tom and I had a wonderful time together. If I told Alex go ahead and book 1 room, then it appears that I am too easy for him

(as I would like that he work a bit harder for me ) but why should I play this game if I care about him,

We always shared a room together and I am quite comfortable with it. If I asked him to book 2 rooms (he might think that

I didn't want to have anything to do with him in 'private')..

I don't know how to response to him.


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  • Are you planning on working things out with him? Even if you do, sharing a room isn't much of the problem since you have done it before. You need to understand that you two didn't speak for 1 or 2 years. People change, so I think it be best to not share a bed yet. That doe not mean you're playing games. If you are thinking of working it out TELL HIM that but tell him that you don't want to skip the reconnecting phase and jump into sharing a bed.


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