Meeting Ex - 1 room or 2 rooms?


I date Alex in a 4 years Long distance relationship. I broke up with him 2 years ago due to the limited time he could spent with me (he is career minded) and I cut all contact for 2 years till recently , he sent me birthday wishes and we start communicated again.After broking up with him, I dated another guy (Tom) for 1 year and we broke up also 2 months ago.

Alex wanted to meet me and I agreed to see him half way of where we both live. He asked me if he shall book 1 or 2 room for the hotel in the town we are going to spent a weekend together.

I missed Alex a lot and I had moved on to Tom during the last 2 years. Deep inside I love Alex even Tom and I had a wonderful time together. If I told Alex go ahead and book 1 room, then it appears that I am too easy for him

(as I would like that he work a bit harder for me ) but why should I play this game if I care about him,

We always shared a room together and I am quite comfortable with it. If I asked him to book 2 rooms (he might think that

I didn't want to have anything to do with him in 'private')..

I don't know how to response to him.
Meeting Ex - 1 room or 2 rooms?
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