Why is he hiding this from me?

This all happened 10 days ago. Not sure if this is more of a question then just me finally being able to vent. Me and my now EX have been seeing each other for about 2 yrs. A month ago he made me try on a ring. We've had a good relationship and neither of us have the ability to cheat because we've been cheated on by our ex's and we tend to be guilt ridden. So, anyway, 10 days ago, after cooking a feast for our friends, my EX, myself and 1 of his friends go to a bar after dinner. I left them at the bar because my EX was becoming obnoxious and turning into an 11-teen year-old. I waited up for them to come home. They did, they came home with some bizarro story of a dude on dude fight. 2 days later I find out (from a friend) that my EX was thrown out of the bar for grabbing a happily married woman's crotch. I was so humiliated! Maybe because my EX lyed to me or that his friend swore by my EX's story. When I found out - he and I fought and I called him a PERVERT in front of his friend. He left and hasn't contacted me since. He never even called on my birthday (6 days ago). I'm so angry that this moron thinks that I should apologize for calling him a pervert. He has had no contact with me. No closure. The only reason why I call him my EX is because what else am I to believe? 2 yrs!?! seriously - there ARE so many fish in the sea that maybe insead of buying a fish rod - I should buy a really BIG net! Oh, did I mention he wet the bed that night of his "dude-on-dude" fight. Yeah, like I said: 11-teen year-old... By the way - when did it become socially acceptable to grab some stranges CROTCH?


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  • it's pretty obvious why he's hiding it from you :) I'd toss him and move on, not just because you can do better but because quite frankly single girls are super hard to find, they're like sasquatch, everyone says they're real but one has ever been captured alive ... you know why there's no great single girls out there? because they're all trapped with douchbags like that, so do us great single guys a favor will ya :)


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