Ex boy friends...?

My ex boyfriend and I are still really close. We still have a lot of feelings for each other and the reason we broke up is because I was in a BMX accident and was in the hospital for awhile. But now all that is over and I really miss him, the problem is he has a girl friend who he is REALLY into. We still text a lot but we haven't hung out since they've been together. Honestly he's the kind of guy who likes to mess around with lots of girls at the same time. I mean he won't actually touch any girls other then his girl friend but he'll be flirty with other girls, am I just another girl to flirt with? Or do you think he really misses me? I don't wana be just another nieve girl.


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  • While it's not fun, it sounds like he has moved on. Whether or not you attempt to keep the friendship is up to you, but don't expect a romantic relationship again.


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  • How long were you actually in the hosptial? I think the fact that you broke up during that time shows you that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. and isn't exactly faithful. Don't waste your time with him, really.

    • 3 days because of blunt force trama to the head.

    • see, 3 days isn't long at all. if he really liked and cared for you, you wouldn't have broken up..unless you're the one that wanted to break up. just think about it. if he really cared for you, he would be by your side (not literally, but you know) when you're in a fragile part in your life. sorry but you guys are young, and guys at your age generally like to get a lot of experience with girls.

    • Ha ya well he's made it very clear that he doesn't want to gt back together oh but he doesn't mind hooking up... Guys are retarded. Haha thanks for mentoring me

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