Does it sound like cheating behavior or am I just crazy?

so a while back josh, my boyfriend, lost one of his colognes and tonight he found out of the blue. He lost it about a month ago and all the sudden it magically appeared on the dish rack...which he found

The cologne magically appearing after being incognitio for weeks. When he lost it I CRAZILY thought that he took that over to someones house to cover up his tracked cause it was very odd how it disappeared. I only noticed it cause he made a big deal about having two of the same scents..I know this sounds silly and maybe a tad paranoid

when I told him what I thought about it appearing out of no where he reversed psychology bullsh*tted me and was like I think you were just being absent minded and the cologne was sitting there the whole time

which is bullsh*t cause I just washed that pan that is sitting one the rack less than I week ago (it appeared on the dish rack at my house)

i know I am f***ing's just strange

it's also strange to me how about a month ago there was this girl he works with and his co workers were pickin on them for having a things for one another and he said that she was his type but now she's a bitch and blah blah. Geez...I really apologize. I feel psycho and I don't want to believe he may have cheated on me, but everything seems strange to me and I wanna tell my story and see if maybe it's just me. Maybe it's all just one big coincidence...advice please?


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  • Bah...haha...ha...ha...

    First off, why would he even mention her being his type to YOU? Strike one.

    Secondly, around the same time he tells you this and supposedly something is going on between him and another woman that the co-workers picked up on. The cologne bottle ends up "missing." Strike two.

    Thirdly, he's trying to make it seem like it was in the dish rack for the whole month it was "gone." And then trying to play it off that you just didn't pay attention. Strike three.

    • He mentioned she was his type because his co-workers started picking on them. He told me she would pick on him too. After about a week after this sh*t he said she wasn't as cool as he thought she was. He changed his mind. Doesn't matter...all this sh*t is too fishy and I mean if others can see it then I think I'm not as crazy as I feel like I am right now. He says he would never cheat on me and that he'd break up with me if he was even thinking about it, but with all the sh*t that is happening..

    • Still, why mention she's his type? But, anyways, let's take a step back for a minute then.

      So, maybe they were conjuring something up that might've not been there. And then he got pissed off that the new chick was starting to tease/pick on him. When he didn't see she had any right to as she was new. And then she got annoying. But, maybe at first he started using his cologne more trying to leave his scent around for her to smell him when he wasn't around. Which still makes no sense.

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  • I agree with the Romanian. He's struck out, let him go because if he's not cheating now he's thinking about it. Sorry!


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