Interpret my ex's feelings? Psychology? Opinions?

We're both young and experienced tense real love for one another. That was our problem. We couldn't handle, too young and all.

We recently met up and I admitted I still loved him and he flat out denied he did me. I told him to man up because it's only been a month and it's impossible for what we had to just vanish. I didn't want to get back together, I was too broken to think straight!

He's made massive changes. He's moved out if his mums and into his dads as that's not near me. He's ditched his small group of friends for other friends. He's with a new girl and he said he doesn't find her attractive nor is he in love with her but he doesn't want to fall for her.

He said we can't be friends - there's no place in his life for me' BUT he still wants contact. Occasional texts and calls with monthly catch ups or something. It feels like he's keeping his foot in the door. Maybe we can't fully detach?

He then said talking to me is awkward.

When we talk on the phone we laugh and joke and it's friendly, when he realizes this he makes up an excuse he has to go. Same with texts.

See, with me'... I don't want him back as I don't know who I am. I never had chance to develop independence and my identity. I aim to do that.

See, I never felt awkward, I just felt light and friendly and easy. We even joked about hooking up and that just made horny if anything.

Am I more over him than he is of me?

Is he keeping his foot in the door with the contact thing?

I also think I'm starting to miss him but maybe as a friend. His company and smile.

It saddens me he's drastically changed - from his house to his friends. Why did he do this?


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  • He misses you and his new girl is just a rebound. But you're doing something to push him away. If he was giving his side of the story, what do you think he would tell us? Maybe you guys need a few months apart to realize you're good for each other. But interpreting what he's thinking is a tough call without all of the facts.. this girl can seriously answer some questions for you ==> link

    • Thanks dude :) at one point, I was looking into his eyes and he told me' not to do that, to not look at him like that. I was only being polite and maintaining contact.

      Isn't it drastic that he's changed home etc?

      He said he didn't want to be friends but still wants contact? Why? Weird.

    • He's still attracted to you.. no doubt...but you're right, he's being weird.. did you change at all from when you first met him to now? Maybe you got sloppy looking on him? Guys hate that

    • No. Physically - I look great. I take care if myself. I'm pretty glamourous and sophisticated :)

      We broke up because we fell in love TOO hard. I was too young. I had no sense of identity. We fought. We didn't know how to deal with our feelings.

      Since then I've gained a sense of self.

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