How do I stop thinking about my ex? Its been months already...

i broke up with my ex before school ended and it was pretty rough. it started out OK and we were still friends but until I found out she went out with this guy who did nothing but try to ruin our relationship in the first place. it made me mad and I broke all ties with her. its been months since we have spoken to each other but from time to time I can't help but think bout her. all has been forgiven but we still don't talk and I can't help but miss her sometimes


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  • I went through something similar man, I still do actually. We want to think they're bad-guys but at the same time we care about them. It's a hard straw to pick.

    The problem is that most humans vote for the option of leaving the drama in the past. They want you to understand that you don't HAVE to feel this way, there is another option, which is finding someone to overwhelm your mind and compensate for the void she created (the part where you think about her so much).. I think that's a logical approach, but it seems insensitive.

    You're other option, is to talk to her again after so long - which does show you are thinking about her, but it doesn't change the pain, nor does it make you guys eligble to date.. She's seeing someone else man.

    Obviously you can't watch from a distance because our emotions don't work that way. So you have to make a choice, take a step in or take a step out.. You have to choose if you want her in your life or if you don't.. But there's no middle ground. Once you're comitted to your decision, you have to stick to it. Left or right, right or wrong, it's all the same. Your best option is what you CHOOSE to do. That's what makes you different from any other man on this planet.. Is whether you choose to be selfish or whether you choose to do things just because you can.

    Hope it helps man, good luck with everything.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • you are young. you need to not take relationship so seriously. if you date more chicks, that would help your outlook on things. the best way to forget an ex-girl that's bad/you don't like is to having other woman in your life. you can't change a girl's personality, so don't pick a bad one. you won't feel like you care for her if you have a new girlfriend you really like/ girls in your life.

  • Do you want her back though?

    • the chances of that happening has walked away from me along time ago unfortunately. I just don't know how to forget bout her. thinking bout her isn't really helping the forgetting process. idk, she was my first love and its a rough thing to lose :/

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