What to do when a guy likes you, but doesn't want a "girlfriend"?

I keep attracting the guys who have been burned by their exes...and do not want a relationship/girlfriend. Its been talked about that we like each other,etc but what can I do to make them want to give ME a chance!?

My first told me he didn't want a relationship, yet he kept pursuing me & we were "together" for 5 years & it ended badly! I understand that was part my fault.

Recently I've been talking to a guy for 8 months. His EX also put him through hell. He hasn't said he doesn't want a girlfriend but said its bad timing for things to be serious. He said he thinks we'd be good together, etc. So I'm guessing because of his EX he doesn't want this right now.

I don't understand how guys can like a girl a lot but not want to be with them?! I just want MY chance...to prove how good a girlfriend I can be. How do I open their eyes?


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  • I think that guys who have been burned don't want a girlfriend right away because they assume they're just going to treat them the same way as their ex. You can't really make them feel differently, but you can try saying you understand because you also had a bad break up.

    • Thanx! I do understand, I try to see things from his perspective...I'll just be patient. I guess I fear wasting my time as well...but time is Love.

    • The right guy is definitely worth the wait

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  • Their eyes are already open. They are lonely but not willing to engage totally. Lot of that going around! Patience! They'll evalualte how patient you can be..after all, one of the most important qualities in a friend!


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  • You just got to let him know you there for him and that your not like that. If he not ready now respect that. And maby when he is ready! you might have him, sometimes you just have to wait good luck

    • Thanx! Good Point! That was my goal! =)

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