What does this line mean? Feel free to post your own?

For some reason, I keep seeing people on here, ask something, how their male boyfriend broke up, and went to a rebound.

Basically, he replies to the girl: "she's not pretty" or something, and the female ends up thinking, he's not attracted to her. Why does it seem a lot of these things are posted on here?

I mean, it must obviously be false, so is the dude lying or something?

Guys are really cool, depending on the kind they are, but is this some "excuse" line?

Ever get broken up from a guy or girl, and they give you the most petty line? What line did they say?

Just curious.

*as in, the ex female


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  • I've had this. Also funnily enough, he admitted he didn't find her attractive before they dated. This made me' laugh. And honestly, she's not. And he's SHALLOW! He likes stunners. I find it amusing that when we broke up he got with her and I knew he didn't find her attractive. He also jokes about hooking up with me and how damn sexy I am. I can't help it... It makes me' smug.

  • If your asking why a guy tells his ex that his new girlfriend isn't as pretty as her, it's probably because he wants her to feel better. He may also still like his ex.


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