Ex girlfriend is mad at me?

me and my ex have been broke up for nearly 4 1/2 years.we moved to Florida and we had a huge fight that began from little fights.i decided to break it off with her and move back to Philly.the catch is we have a kid.i know I was wrong for leaving them and I have been trying to make it better for the past few years.her and my son both moved to Philly 21/2 years ago.she had a man but they broke up and things happened with us but she finally told me that I can never be her boyfriend again cause the pain I caused her.i tried to explain my feelings at the time and my maturity to now and that I really do want to work things out.what do you think ladies?am I looking at a situation that can not be fixed or is there another way I can prove how much I love her.

ps:we have split custody and I see my son and her everyday.i have my son everyday and stays with me every other weekend.


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  • It depends on what you did and how she is.there is always a way back to a girls heart. she's mad but she's gonna be mad until she feels she isn't mad anymore reguardless of what you say or do.so I'm not gonna say don't try to prove your love its just better whe she isn't upset. maybe you should let her know that respect her decision but you won't give up on her and your son, leave it subject alone for a couple of days but at the same time your seeing her act as you would if you were together (no random kissing or anything)!

    hope this helps :]

    • thanks for the advice.what I did was I left her and my son in florida and moved back to my home city philly.i was immature and dumb but didn't know what to do...i was in a city I knew no one and I felt like going home was best.no excuses tho I was wrong with my choice and I know that but having her understand that is hard but ill try the info you gave me

    • even though as you say it was wrong but don't beat yourself up about it...you were out of your comfort zone iguess you would say.why be unhappy in an unknown place whith no friends when you can go back home friends or not and be satisfied.

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  • Why did she break up with you in the first place?

    • i broke up with her. we only had one big fight where she hit me with something and I went to grab her so she didn't clock me again and when I grabbed her I accidentally hurt her but after that we would have our normal arguments but they just got to be too much

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