Is she on a rebound or not? Will she realize too?

I can relate to an earlier post that I have read here but can I ask the same questions?

she said she will wake up and realize that she loves me then takes it back and says that she hopes she wakes up and realize and "if" I realize

She broke up with me and now tells me she loves his new man and that her feelings for him is true because he knows him long enough he was a long time friend of my ex

is she on a rebound or not?

i know I shouldn't but should I hope and believe she will realize?

she cried when she heard the music "if only tears could bring you back" and tells me "why am I crying?" thank you


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  • She's in a rebound relationship no doubt, but the question is how long will it last? If the guy is the complete opposite of you, it should only last a few months. If she's worth it in your eyes, help her "realize" that you're the only one for her. But you only have one shot at a second chance so don't mess it up. This girl will definitely turn things around for you ==> link


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