Emergency!! need answers now!! who do I believe?

I haven't been on here in forever! But I have been single for like 4 months now... I met this guy we were totally having an awesome time. He seems absolutely crazy ab me. Anywho last Saturday... I hung out with him from 9-2:30 then he seemed very push ab dropping me off back at my place. So eventually I was like OK I will go... well at 6:15 he comes and picks me up I stay till 12 it was a little going away party it was a blast. He is very sweet to me.. treats me like an angel...well Monday comes and some girl named Amy contacts me and tells me during the 3 to 6 he picked her up and had sex with her! he denies it says its some person who "doesn't want us together" well the next day goes by Amy sends me a email that the guy has supposedly sent her saying that I don't believe her and to stay out of our business and that you knew there was no strings attached she will never believe u! well the time is 10:14 the only time he would have been free to send it...he claims its fake! she also doesn't know where he really lives she only knows the address of where he used to live like 3yrs ago... anywho another day goes by she sends me a screen shot of the email on her facebook inbox proving that he did send this...it looks very real ! This guy has let me check everything from his facebook and all the messages to his cell to his bank statement his roommate says he was with him the whole time I was gone at the house! but his roommate cud lie to me... I need your help who do I believe?


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  • I believe the girl. As soon as you talked about how pushy he was to get you to leave I knew what was coming next. While it DOES sound like this girl is a psychotic bitch who has developed feelings for this guy, I fully believe they are in a FWB situation, he just doesn't like her like that. To be honest, he obviously is not that into you either if while hanging out on a date he kept pushing for you to leave regardless of whether him sleeping with that girl is true or not. There's too much drama surrounding this guy too early on and after this there will be trust issues. It's been like a week with him so I would just let him go.


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  • yeah, from my personal experience 99% that if there is something wrong, definitely it will go wrong. , one of my ex was very very good at lying. so don't ignore all the signal that telling you the truth about him. Don't rush in anything...Good luck!

  • instead of researching your guy and all that info, have you tried researching the girl? look at her and what her intentions are. if she has history or w/e you out to be trying to find out more about her.

  • put the relationship on pause until you figure it out. This will be a mess if you join them

    • thats what I told him I said I have to get out of this... you wanna figure out who would wanna break us up go right ahead and give me a call when you do lol but I can't do this anymore

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