Flirts with me in class but won't text me back?

This guy and I have sort of, as far as I can tell, have been developing a thing the past couple of months. He started the whole thing by texting me nonstop, and it sort of served as an ice breaker. We have hung out together alone by grabbing lunch after class or something simple like that. He'll pull out my chair for me, pick on me playfully, check me out, try to invite me to join in a conversation he's having with another person, etc. I don't text more than, say, once every 2 weeks, so I know I'm not being obnoxious, but he doesn't text me back if what I said was the least bit flirtatious. Why? Like today, we were definitely flirting--even more than usual--and I text him later "Dear ______, I you stole my book. I need it back. XO ______" as a joke because he has been using my book that I need for finals. 4 hours later and nothing. Why does he do this in general? And did I come on too strong or sound stupid by texting him that? How do I make up for it? Regardless of the direction of our relationship, I really need my book back hahaha.


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  • It seems that he has given you the wrong number.


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