He responded to my messages, now what?

This guy that I used to be friends with/had a crush on, has responded to my messages on FB, but the answers are very short and vague. We had a falling out a while back, but I would like to be friends again. I don't think that he would have responded if he didn't want the same thing. Am I reading too much into him responding and should just let it go, or does that actually mean that he is cool with being friends again?


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  • He responded because you initiated and he didn't want to be mean. If answer was short and vague, then write another message back to him asking him how he has been, and how things are with you. If he still gives you a short and vague response, then I think you have your answer there...

    • Well,the problem is that he is always short and vague. As long as I have known him, he has always been like that.

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