Have I ruined my chances with this girl I like?


I work with this girl who I really like. She is new in my office.

Today, she waited for me to finish my work. We went outside and were walking down the road together. My manager pops out and asks me if I am catching the bus with him. Because I'm really shy and easily led, I said ummm yeah, and went the other direction to her. Then like 20 seconds later, I realized what I had done. I quickly walked back to catch her up. When I got there I got really shy and scared and didn't know what to say so I just kept walking. I know she saw me too :-(

Do you think she will understand that it was just because I was under pressure to go because my manager asked me? I feel like such a fool now!

As a side note, I'm super shy and it's the first time in a looong time that I've actually had the guts to talk to a girl I like.


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  • Na you haven't. I'm pretty sure she would understand. It's really fine. Don't sweat it. Did you say "ummmm yeah" like in I didn't know I was going to like confused way? I'm sure she will know you felt pressured. Did she also know that person was your boss? If so, then yeah she will understand. Keep talking to her and let her know you're interested and try not to do it again.

    • Yeah, it was a very unsure ummmm yeah.

      Her boss is my boss too, so she knows...

      Just as an update, things just got better.. I sent her a message saying that I was a bit of a baffoon and so forth, and she wrote back saying it was OK. She then said that she didn't see me because she was rather busy trying to focus on not falling over on the icey path.. Do you think I should say something like 'to make it up to you, I'll walk you back to your train tomorrow, make sure you get home safely' ? ^_^

    • Yeah definitely. Don't say to make it up to you though. Just be like.. How about I'll walk you back to your train tomorrow, make sure you get home safely? For future reference don't be too clingy/annoying, not saying you are but just for future reference .. make her want you.

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  • if you just talk to her I'm sure she'll understand. one of my boyfriends did that when his aunt (but I didn't know that) who is a model told him to come with her and I spazzed out on him.


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