No contact for five days?

well it's day five of my no contact to my ex who recently broke up with me and I think she isn't even affected because she is happy with her new guy whom he immediately loved I think I should end everything and change my number... or is it that I'm so impatient? well any advice would do... she is saying that their new relationship isn't on rebound and I doubt that she had cheated on me when we were together... any comments would do thanks...


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  • It's been five days. Be patient. I wouldn't contact you after five days. She's unlikely to miss you at all. No contact should be maintained for at least a month x


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  • You could give it a week or two, then move on from there. After that, no risk on pulling yourself on strings for someone. She's considered 'taken' in a way.

    Best of luck.


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  • Move on. She has someone else and she is loving the fact that you are still giving her attention. She is laughing her ass off secretly. She is boning another guy while she KNOWS how you feel about her. Never contact her again even if she contacts you, and don't be "friends" with her. Have more self respect. You don't have to change your number, but you need to evolve in other areas. Go out and start dating other girls. Be positive, stay busy, have a life, work on yourself, and become the alpha male.


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